Gigaset PRO Maxwell 10 Android Desktop Phone (Main device)

Gigaset PRO Maxwell 10 Android Desktop Phone (Main device)

Android based touchscreen IP Phone
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This phone comes WITHOUT desk stand and handset!


Operating SystemGoogle Android™
Headset connectorDECT | wired, RJ9 | USB | EHS
CodecsVAD, CNG, AGC, G.711u/a, G.722
Comfort FeaturesDrag & Drop, address book, calendar, event reminder, alarm
Phone bookPhonebook transfer, Online (LDAP, Google Contacts, Exchange, XML)
StandardsDHCP, 802.11 b/g/n, ICE, STUN, TCP, TLS, SRTP, RTP, SIP
Quality of ServiceRVSP, DiffServ
InterfacesUSB, DECT, WLAN, Bluetooth, LAN (GBit), HDMI, EHS
Display1280x800 px, 10,1" Capacitive Multi Touchscreen, illuminated, colored
VoIP Accounts12
IP PBX functionsBLF, BLA
ManagementRemote configuration (HTTP/HTTPS), Autoprovisioning
Video featuresHD Webcam 720p, Video telephony, External USB camera can be connected

The evolution of business communication
The way the world does business is changing rapidly ? and your office communication devices need to keep up. That?s why we built the amazing new Maxwell 10. Maxwell is an all-in-one business communication marvel that does it all ? from high-quality corded, cordless and handsfree phoning, to videoconferencing, e-mailing, web browsing, business apps and much more. Combining the power, convenience, and expandability of a multi-featured, multi-touch-enabled communication platform with the superb comfort and sound quality of traditional desktop telephony, Maxwell 10 ushers in a whole new era of advanced unified communication solutions for modern business professionals.

Much more than your everyday display.
The first thing you?ll notice about Maxwell 10 is its display. With a full 10.1 inch display, it is perfect for getting things done. The scratch-resistant, 1280 x 800 resolution screen is illuminated by more than a million pixels, so everything is sharp, clear and in brilliant high definition. As the display is multi-touch-enabled, everything you need to do ? from web browsing, to launching business apps. Generating a voice call is done with nothing more than a tap or two. Maxwell is optimally mounted on a stylish metal base, making it perfect not only for single user viewing, but also ideal for sharing information with others in the room.

The Platform. Works for you.
We designed Maxwell 10 to be the most powerful and flexible office communication device ever. Therefor the choice for Android 4.2.2 fit the bill perfectly. It is making it the ideal complement to Maxwell?s wide range of powerful features. And Android?s endless customization possibilities mean it?s an OS as flexible and expandable as any office setting requires ? so users can get the most out of their business interaction with speed, ease, and the utmost pleasure.

Enjoy better video. For smarter connections.
Keeping in touch with video calls reduces travel and mobile phone costs ? and makes business communication more personal and effective. To ensure that video chats are the best they can be, we built Maxwell 10 with a gorgeous, high-definition display, and an integrated, state-of-the art, HD video camera. Together they offer picture quality that rivals real life, taking business via video to a new level of clarity and convenience. Maxwell offers unparalleled video quality and convenience, for simply better chats. Whatever video or photo needs an office has, Maxwell 10 lets users do business the smart way: in total clarity.

Connect seamlessly. Work better.
Maxwell 10 connects to just about any device, any technology, at any time. With full USB, Micro-SD, Bluetooth, HDMI, LAN, Wi-Fi, RJ-9 and electronic hook switch compatibility. Maxwell 10 works wonderfully with a huge selection of devices ranging from keyboard, trackpad, mouse, headset, projector, monitor and Wifi Access-Points ? for the ultimate in office convenience that enables the maximum in productivity. And naturally Maxwell also supports full cloud and Google account connectivity, so users can access contact lists, calendars, e-mails and all external data quickly and easy. Simply put: Maxwell 10 is the perfect fit for any office.

The Sound. Attention-grabbing.
Maxwell 10 is a true, business phone, with professional telephony features built into the hardware, as opposed to other devices that use a software-based application delivering inferior sound quality. Phoning with Maxwell 10 means reduced delay effects and echo, for superb audio quality and better conversations. And talking via speakerphone is just as nice. Thanks to Maxwell 10?s three built-in speakers and integrated front microphone, hands-free sound quality both heard and delivered is simply impeccable.


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