SNOM HEADSET HS-MM3 (for snom 300)

SNOM HEADSET HS-MM3 (for snom 300)

improved ergonomics, and simplified usability
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The snom headsets have been redesigned and now come with enhanced ergonomics and usability. The complete product line of the snom headsets provides the possibility of usage in a variety of Internet telephony environments: SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), home offices, and call centers.

Whereas the HS-MM2 headset is used for the snom 320 and snom 360 phones, the snom HS-MM3 headset fits perfectly to the snom 300 phone.

Daily communication is a lot easier, if you got your hands-free, therefore the new snom HS-MM2 and HS-MM3 monaural headsets provide users with more headset stability, ease of use, comfort, and the possibility to wear the ear pad on either ear. Additionally the noise-canceling microphone boom of the snom headset keeps your voice crystal clear.
As a safe investment for your business, the snom headsets provide users working in telephone intensive applications with more flexibility, freedom, and comfort. As a result the headset optimize the operating process and increase work productivity.

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