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freeVoice Fox FX840UCB DECT USB UC MS Headset Duo FX840UCB

freeVoice Fox FX840UCB DECT USB UC MS Headset Duo FX840UCB

Noise-Cancelling microphone and acoustic shock ear protection
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  • Connectivity for Softphone
  • Noise-Cancelling Microphone
  • Wideband-Audio (up to 7.6 kHz)
  • Up to 120 meters range
  • Up to 8 hours talk time

freeVoice Fox FX840UCB Duo DECT Headse
When developing the Fox 800 series, the focus was on the professional business user.The high wearing comfort, highest sound quality, as well as the simple installation are outstanding features of the freeVoice Fox FX840UCB. Up to three other participants can join in a conference call. You enjoy a calling with a freedom of movement up to 120 meters. The modern and high-quality design gives the freeVoice Fox FX840UCB a very special touch.With the integrated digital signal processor (DSP) freeVoice Fox ensures authentic-sounding phone calls.


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