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ClearOne CHAT 70-U Skype for Business conference solution US

ClearOne CHAT 70-U Skype for Business conference solution US

Delivers Superior Hands-Free Audio for Lync Server 2010
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The CHAT 70 is a personal speakerphone that connects to PCs and laptops for rich, hands-free audio communication with Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2010. With HDConference® audio technologies, the CHAT 70 is the perfect audio peripheral for greatly enhanced collaboration through unified communication.


  • Provides high quality speakerphone capabilities on PCs or laptops:
    • Connect the CHAT 70 to PCs and laptops via USB for hands-free, full-duplex audio with Lync Server
    • Hands-free flexibility and comfort:
      • Move around freely without being tethered with a headset
      • Avoid the discomfort caused by prolonged headset use
    • Replaces the PC’s speakers and microphone with a high-quality, full-duplex audio solution
    • True plug-and-play operation
      • Requires no software or drivers to be installed
    • Incoming calls ring on the CHAT 70
    • Crystal-clear audio for video conferencing and streamed multimedia content
    • Sleek industrial design complements the professional environment of any office or meeting room
      • Small, yet rugged enough to toss in your computer bag and take on the road
      • Perfect for desktop, travel or home use
  • Enjoy crisp, clear audio
    • Advanced HDConference® audio processing technologies deliver remarkably rich, full audio for natural, effortless conversations:
      • True full-duplex performance allows users to listen and speak at the same time without audio cutting in and out
      • Echo cancellation eliminates acoustic echo
      • Noise cancellation identifies and removes ambient room noise
      • Advanced automatic level management automatically adjusts microphone levels
    • Full bandwidth frequency response delivers better audio

CHAT 70 Applicatcations

  • Lync Server
  • Perfect for:
    • The Office
    • SOHO
    • Teleworkers
    • Traveling Professionals
    • Ad-hoc conferences any time, any place
    • Incoming calls ring on the CHAT 60
    • No headset wires or discomfort
    • Plug-and-play operation
  • Other devices or applications:
    • Internet phone applications
    • Instant messaging applications
    • VoIP softphones
    • Enterprise telephones
    • Cell phones
    • Web conferencing
    • Audio playback
    • PC-based gaming

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