Tiptel 3130 IP Phone

Tiptel 3130 IP Phone

Business IP telephone for VoIP using SIP
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Tiptel 3130

With the new Tiptel 3130 you receive a favorable Premium-VoIP-Telephone with professional functions paired with huge usability.

The phone offers 7 Sensorkeys, 8 controlkeys and 4 Softkeys with double seizure, in a decent design. Furthermore the phone comes with an Alpha-keyboard, which allows to view and change phonebookentries easy and fast . All functional keys come with a double colored LED (red/green), which enable you to check the functionstatus as fast as possible.

One more sign of quality of the new tiptel series is the great HD-voice- and audio- quality, which offer an awesome call and conference call quality.

Next to the usual keys, the phone comes with many additional, practical functions as e.g. the DND key, Message-Waiting-Indication and many more

Art.No.: VOTIP3130

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