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beroNet Digital IP Gateways

beroNet Digital IP Gateways
beroNet Digital IP Gateways

The berofix product series is a powerful and flexible hardware solution to connect ISDN (BRI, PRI), analogue (FXO/FXS) and GSM lines to any SIP based VoIP system. berofix is not a classical Media Gateway nor a standard PCI/PCIexpress card where you have to install any drivers, therefore we call it a “Gateway card”. Due to the special design of the hardware berofix will be detected as a standard Realtek-Network card by the operating system. Usually the driver for this network card will be loaded automatically by the OS. The only thing you have to do is to set up the IP-address before you can access the web interface which is very easy to use. The berofix product series has a modular concept and supports the following hardware DSP based Voice-Processing features:

» G.168/G.165 Echo cancellation with echo path change detection, up to 128ms
» Codec translation: G.723.1 and Annex A, G.729a, G.726, G.711u/a
» DTMF detection and generation
» T.38 fax relay (V.27,V.29 and V.17)
» SIP over TCP
» SRTP and TLS (available Q2 2011)
» DSS1, EuroISDN conform
» Q.SIG Basic-Features
» PCM Bus interconnection between berofix cards and even Boxes to enable hardware bridging for transparent voice, data and fax transmissions via optional PCM-Bus cable. (available Q4 2010)

The berofix cards are available in 3 different channel densities: the berofix 400 (4-16 Channels), berofix 1600 (16-64 Channels) and berofix 6400 (64-128 Channels). See table below to check max. Channel densities depending of the Media Functions you are using.

The following Lineinterfaces are available and can be plugged on the berofix product series:
» BF4S0, 4 Port BRI Lineinterface
» BF1E1, 1 Port PRI Lineinterface
» BF2E1, 2 Port PRI Lineinterface
» BF2S0FXS, 2 Port BRI and 2 Port FXS Lineinterface (available Q4 2010)
» BF4FXS, 4 Port FXS Lineinterface (available Q4 2010)
» BF4FXO, 4 Port FXO Lineinterface (available Q4 2010)
» BF2GSM, 2 Port GSM Lineinterface (available Q1 2011)

Additionally to the baseboard and the LineInterfaces the following accessories are available for the berofix product series:
» bf4S0Bridge (to use all 4 RJ45 slots on a baseboard with one bf4S0)
» bnTAdapters (to connect 2 BRI Lines on one RJ45 slots)
» bnPCM Cable (to interconnect berofix baseboards)
» bnE1Crosscable (to connect berofix E1 ports to other systems)

Due to the modular concept you can mix PRI, BRI, FXS, FXO and GSM Lineinterfaces on one card with full above mentioned features which makes the berofix cards very unique.